On behalf of South East Cornerstone School Division, we wish to thank everyone for their participation in the recent online engagement process. The information helped us form a Strategic Plan for Technology in the Cornerstone Division.

Several Thoughtstreams were used to gather input from our stakeholder groups. These included:

  • A student Thoughtstream of representative grade 7-12 students from across the division
  • Individual school Thoughtstreams with parents, guardians, community members and staff
  • And finally a Division Thoughtstream with Board members, school principals, superintendents, coordinators, consultants, business services as well as other members of the community who support our schools at a broader level

We received,

  •  6,149 thoughts from 2,326 participants
  • 42, 631 priorities were assigned by the participants

Once all of your priorities were in, we combined your top priorities to understand how the Division as a whole felt about technology in schools. Find the details here or click on the infographic to learn more.

By giving a voice to a wide array of stakeholders, we have gained a widespread and comprehensive understanding of how our own community sees technology in our schools – both the benefits and the challenges. This data provides important direction as we move forward to support our students into the 21st century.

Thank you!

Community Engagement Process Overview

(click on the graphic for a larger view)

Cornerstone Results